Happiness is a spontaneous dance party in my living room, with my daughter, in socks. Music turned up, letting loose and laughing hysterically. Happiness is a cold, crisp beer on a warm day, maybe on a riverbank or maybe on a mountaintop. Kicking back and soaking up Montana. Happiness is a good book and a warm fire. Happiness is a delicious meal. Happiness is a tired dog. Happiness is a powder day. Happiness is watching two people who are madly in love with each other commit to a lifetime together in front of family and friends. Watching their anticipation and excitement build, watching as they share words of love and a first kiss as husband and wife, watching as loved ones toast and celebrate and dance the night away. Happiness is getting to experience that every weekend.

And that’s me, in a nutshell. I can’t believe how fortunate I am to live in Montana and to have a career that brings me so much joy. I fell in love with photography because I fell in love with photographs: of people, places, and events from my family’s past. My dad as a baby…my mom at her high school graduation…my grandparents on their wedding day. They sit in albums and hang in frames, proudly on display in the homes of the people I love and they are so, so precious to me. How wonderful to know that I get to give that to other people through my work.

Hi. I’m Lindsey, and weddings make me happy.

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